What is gold filled jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry is a great and cost-effective alternative to solid gold jewelry. It is comprised of a chemically bonded layer of gold over a base metal (most of the items here are brass) that is over 100 times more gold than that of a gold plating. 


How should I care for my gold filled jewelry and sterling silver rosaries?

To preserve the longevity and beauty of any of your Mater Dei Shop pieces please avoid prolonged immersion in water. Remove for bathing, swimming, and best to remove rings during longer dishwashing sessions as well!

Be thoughtful in avoiding contact with any chemical solutions and make sure to use perfumes and lotions prior to putting your jewelry on.

Polish with polishing cloth as needed.


What is your return policy?

Please contact us directly to discuss any issues with your jewelry pieces so we can determine the best action to make things right. Currently we will not be accepting returns on rosaries, however all repairs for workmanship, pins, chains, and beads will be covered free of charge- just pay shipping.