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Nativity Feast Ring Set

Nativity Feast Ring Set

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Celebrate the 3 Catholic Nativity Feasts with this beautiful set of 3 Birthstone rings. 

Did you know? Only three birthdays are celebrated on the Church’s liturgical calendar:

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ: December 25 (Zircon)

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: September 8 (Sapphire)

The Nativity of John the Baptist: June 24 (Alexandrite)

We believe that Saint John the Baptist was cleansed from original sin in the womb during the visitation when he received the Holy Spirit upon hearing the voice of Our Blessed Mother.  He was set apart to prepare the way of the Lord and was a significant figure connected to the Incarnation and the Redemption. The Church honors him because of his role in preparing the way for Christ.

Wear and use this set as a talking piece to share your faith and Feast days with others! 

Each ring is made with a thick gold plating over sterling silver and is adjustable down to size 5.5.  

**Please note that these rings are gold *plated* sterling silver. Currently this is the only item in the shop that is not gold filled. 

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