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QoH- Mother Most Pure

QoH- Mother Most Pure

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"How could you, who were to crush the serpent's head, have been under the slavery of the devil even for a moment? As the chosen Daughter of the Father, the most holy Mother of the Son, and the immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit, you could never have been under the curse of sin. Your dignity as Mother of God demanded such a privilege. It was fitting that the God of all purity should spring from the greatest purity. God was able to grant such a privilege, and He did. And for this I praise you as Mother Most Pure." 

For more on the reflection of Mother Most Pure, see here.

"QoH," or Queen of Heaven, is the Mater Dei Shop line of earrings inspired by names and titles of Our Lady taken from Holy Scripture and the Litany of Loreto. Each set of earrings in the QoH line is made with a gold-filled earring piece and gold plated brass charms. 


This earring set features a white square glass bezel charm with a blue glass teardrop shape prong bezel charm hung by a CZ bezel gold filled earring post. 

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