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QoH- Queen of Peace

QoH- Queen of Peace

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"The history of the title of "Our Lady, Queen of Peace" dates to the early 16th century when Jean de Joyeuse presented a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to his bride, Françoise e Voisins, on their wedding day. Unlike other statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary was depicted holding an olive branch in her right hand and the Prince of Peace - Jesus Christ - seated in her left arm. The statue became a family heirloom that was passed down to Jean's grandson, Henri Joyeuse, who joined the Capuchin's in Paris, France. The statue remained with the Capuchins in Paris for the next two-hundred years. It was at this time that the statue was re-named:  Notre Dame de Paix - Our Lady of Peace." (Source)

"QoH," or Queen of Heaven, is the Mater Dei Shop line of earrings inspired by names and titles of Our Lady taken from Holy Scripture and the Litany of Loreto. Each set of earrings in the QoH line is made with a gold-filled earring piece and gold plated brass charms.


This earring set features a crystal blue glass marquise bezel charm hung on a gold filled CZ channel set French hook earring. 

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